What to expect

You can expect a professional, friendly service from me throughout your treatment, beginning from the first time you contact me.  I will treat everything you say with respect and in the strictest confidence.  I will listen attentively, compassionately and with an open mind.  I will act with integrity and to the best of my knowledge and understanding.
When you contact me to arrange a consultation, I will ask you for your contact details and the nature of the complaint that you are coming to see me about.  I will post or email you a questionnaire for you to fill in before we meet.  This gives you the opportunity to think about your health in general and to find out information about current medication and family medical history if appropriate.  It provides me with some background information which we can discuss further during your consultation.
At the first consultation I spend up to one and a half hours finding out about your current health concerns, medical history and lifestyle.  I need to understand how you experience your symptoms and how they affect your life so that I can match you with the most appropriate remedy.  I need to understand you as a person, including your energy levels and the way you live your life: the more you can tell me, the better!   I then select a remedy for you according to the Law of Similars, 'like cures like', based on your presenting symptoms and on who you are as a person. (See Homeopathy for more detail).
I usually like to see patients every 4-6 weeks to assess how they are progressing.  I ask you about any changes that have occurred so that I can understand how you have responded to the remedy.  This enables me to determine what the next step of your treatment will be.  The length of your treatment will depend on the nature of your complaint and how long you have had it.
Remedies for acute illnesses, such as fever, teething, vomiting or 'flu are usually assessed much more quickly.
My prices for consultations at my practice in Macclesfield are as follows:     
First consultation: Adults - £73; Children - £57 (approx 90 minutes)
Follow-up consultation: Adults - £46; Children - £40 (approx 45 minutes)

Acute consultation (20 minutes by 'phone or at my practice in Macclesfield): £15 (charged when not attending regular appointments)
Repeat supply of remedy: £15 (charged when not attending regular appointments)
Fees are inclusive of remedies but a postage charge will be made for sending remedies out.  Please ring me if you cannot attend your appointment: appointments missed with less than 24 hours notice incur a £25 charge.
I am willing to discuss reduced rates to ensure that everyone can benefit from homeopathic treatment.  Please contact me to discuss this.
Many private health insurance/healthcare schemes such as Simply Health (https://www.simplyhealth.co.uk/sh/pages/homepage.jsp) cover homeopathic treatment - I am happy to provide receipts or sign forms for you.
To arrange a consultation in Macclesfield, please call me on 07985 130443 or email me at anna.hughes@talktalk.net