New beginnings

The children have gone back to school, the students are getting ready to head off, autumn is on its way.  Now is the time to book an appointment to get yourself in tip top condition.  Want to be hayfever-free next summer?  Start some homeopathy treatment now.  That niggle that you keep meaning to do something about – don’t put up with it any longer, let homeopathy help you feel better.

A new term has started; children and young people are studying again -  some in new schools and colleges, some going away from home for the first time.  It is a time of excitement and anxiety, so if you know someone who is struggling a bit, put them in touch with me, or suggest they read these articles:  (the first one is a strange URL, but it is correct and takes you to the Helios website)

This poem is for all of you who are starting something new – not just a new school!