New beginnings - settling in

I hope you are settling into new routines, but remember if things aren't quite right, you can change things, you don’t have to put up with them, so get in touch if there’s anything you’d like help with, and do pass my details on to other people who you think might benefit from homeopathy.   I’m still happy to offer reduced price consultations to anyone who can’t afford the full fee – I don’t want anyone to miss out on the chance to benefit from homeopathy. 

This is a time of new beginnings for many of us, even if that is slowly returning to what we were doing before Covid-19 entered our lives rather than starting something brand new like a new school.  Homeopathy is great at easing the feelings of anxiety and fear (and subsequent sleeplessness) which can arise, and allowing us to live our lives to the full – ring for a chat and let homeopathy help you live a happier healthier life.

Here are some remedies which may help your children (or you) if they are feeling unsettled at the moment.  Drop me a line if you’d like some advice about which remedy to choose.

Pulsatilla: for children who find times of change difficult; are sensitive, yielding and highly emotional, need lots of affection and support.  They display their anxiety by being clingy and whining.  Older children can become quiet and moody.

Gelsemium: good for acute, anticipatory fear in which the child seizes up and trembles or stutters.  Very useful before first days, exams, speeches, performances. 

Arg nit: strong anticipatory anxiety with loose stools.  Emotional children with vivid imaginations.  They dread ordeals and have a strong lack of confidence about a new situation.

Calc carb: for children who are generally happy and easy-going, but get very anxious with worries about small things.  Usually easily distracted from their worries, but then start worrying again.  Often slow, a bit sluggish, often obstinate, especially when worried.  Tend to perspire at night, especially around the head.

Ars alb: for children who are very restless and insecure when anxious.  They may feel exhausted due to the emotional strain of the anxiety.  They make lots of plans and are very organised, to reduce their anxiety by keeping everything under control.

Aconite: for extreme fearfulness with marked restlessness.  They cannot sit still and may even look scared.  Also for panic-style attacks with a hard beating heart, feel as if they can't get enough air, feeling faint.

Lycopodium: for children who fear that they will fail and look foolish or incompetent in front of others.  They cover this up with an overly confident manner but they don't feel confident.  Often they perform well despite the anxiety.

It’s particularly important we all stay as healthy as we can at the moment, so boost your immune system with a healthy diet, plenty of sleep and keeping your stress and anxiety levels low: homeopathy can’t help with your diet but it can help your sleep and stress/anxiety levels.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes