Christmas can be fun, but it can also be hard work and stressful.  Below are some pointers to remedies which you might need over the next month.  The remedies can help to bring back the joy of Christmas. If the symptoms they treat are a problem for you all year through, make an appointment to get to the bottom of things so you can enjoy life more all year round. 

ANXIETY: for when you sit on a bearded man’s lap/deal with Uncle and his excessive drinking/try to keep everyone happy/can’t fit the turkey into the oven/spend more than you have/procrastinate and run out of time/lose your marbles – literally or figuratively

IRRITABILITY AND ANGER:  for when you don’t get your regular quota of sleep/run out of time in which to do everything/don’t get any help from others/have to deal with critical or rude relatives

DIGESTIVE COMPLAINTS AND HANGOVERS: occur when you eat the wrong food and too much of it/drink too much

DISAPPOINTMENT AND GRIEF: occur when you don’t get the present you were expecting/find out that a favourite family member will be missing the gathering/break your gift five minutes after opening/remember what Christmas used to be like before a friend or family member passed away/recall past losses and heartbreaks

EXHAUSTION: occurs when you end up carrying bags and bags of Christmas shopping/try to cook enough food to feed China/subsidise the postal service with hundreds of Christmas cards/generally do too much

SLEEPLESSNESS: occurs when you become overexcited or expectant/overindulge in food or alcohol/worry about what has to be done/let your thoughts race/wait up to see Father Christma

Take it easy!